Vol-Bivouac Himalayas.
"Vol-Bivouac" literally means, fly-camping.
Where we carry only the necessary equipment with us, in flight
And cross sections of mountainous terrain on foot and by air.
The mission is to launch within the mountains,
And fly far as possible using thermals and soar vast distances,
Landing at the end of the flyable day near a suitable launch,
From which our expedition may begin again the next day.
The amount of skill and planning that is necessary for long
Vol-bivouac flights in huge mountains is massive,
Due to the complexities of mountain weather and terrain.

The distinct views for Tandem(Bi Place) passengers a.k.a relief pilot.

We launch at 2300msl the valley widens and
You get great
eagle eye views of the majestic himalayas.
The flight winds up through pine, deodar and birch forests,
With mountain streams to break the monotony
With steep ascent over moraine, scree and glacier,
The climb is broken by a small lake just below the pass.
From the top(3700msl), We glide
to the only Isolated village in the valley,
The evening will be spent resting at Camp,
Explore village and the surrounding areas.
Isolated and seldom visited. "Members of the Gaddi tribe inhabited".

Next Day the flight now continues down stream the river Parvati,
Over the cedrus
deodar forest the soaring will proceeds over open meadows.
Initially followed by a steep descent to the stream,
Crossing it, we continue
arduous steep climb till the end of the canyon.
To get a splendid 360° view of hanging glaciers,
Your first glimpse of the lush green valley". In the last leg,
On an alpine plateau studded with thick growth of alpine flowers,
Which appears swathed in the different colors of the season.
We land at our final destination.

Basic : 10,000 INR  (200 Euros)
Intermediate : 20,000 INR (400 Euros)
Advance : 30,000 INR (470 Euros)