team "flyoctane" paragliding professional
now at Himachal Pradesh, India & Crestline California, States.
Introductory Tandem Flights:

The bi-place flights conducted by team flyoctane

Throughout the year, with years of experience.

What to have with you: Boots and Windproof Jacket.

Flight time: 17 to 23 minutes (depending on weather conditions)

Minimal Lapse (17 Minutes)   2500.00 INR (50.00 Euros)
Minimal Lapse (23 Minutes)   3500.00 INR (70.00 Euros)

Tandem VIP flights
Touch the clouds...

The bi-place VIP flights conducted during Autumn n Spring,
Weekends and Weekdays except Mondays.
The purpose of this flight is to climb at the maximum height,
That can enable us to do a little trip in air.

What to have with you:
Boots, Balaclava, Gloves, Eyewear and Windproof Jacket.

What you should know:
Do eat 3 hours before the flight,
Not to consume alcohol or have a lot of coffee.

Flight time: 37 to 73 minutes (depending on weather conditions)

Minimal Lapse (37 Minutes)   5000.00 INR (100.00 Euros)
Minimal Lapse (73 Minutes)   7500.00 INR (150.00 Euros)

How you can book an appointment for a bi-place flight:

contact us.

For an Introductory bi-place flight you can book appointments,
Three days before the flight.

For VIP bi-place flight you should make an appointment,
Seven days before the flight.

Pilots who do all the tandem flights,
Have at least seventeen years of experience, and
Have served as members of the national team.

During the flight, the opportunity in an additional cost,
We will capture this experience on video or in photographs.
Or free with your own cameras.

If you require any further clarification!
contact us.